Gazing leopard by Alen Ferrara

Sleeping hedgehog by Ulrika Kestere Photography & Illustration
Two thoughts bring me infinite rest and comfort. One the infinitude of the stars, the other the infinitude of the atoms. When I feel restless, troubled, harassed – haunted by fear sometimes of my own failure – I look up at the stars and think of their vastness, their unbounded limits, their glorious nebulae, and my own smallness fades away. The vast universe is there, it will go on. It is beautiful and pure, God rules over it forever. There are better beings than I, if I fail. And so with the atoms, with all their radiant activity, their swiftness, their infinitesimal life. Forever building up the universe, forever changing, sifting in and out of forms – eternal of themselves.

If anybody wants to strengthen his religious belief, let him study the ways and nature of this creation we live in. It breathes fresh life into one’s faith and seems to present a thousand subtle testimonials to the things of the spirit.

Amatu’l-Bahá Rúhíyyíh Khánum
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Aëla Labbé

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Mystic autumn